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Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph

Protecting Children and the Vulnerable


List of friars with substantiated accusations

The following friars have credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.

Current members

(Fr.) Arthur Cooney

(Fr.) Leopold Gleissner

(Fr.) Joseph Smetana

(Fr.) James Wolf

(Fr.) Robert Harrison

(Fr.) Gus Cops

Deceased members

(Fr.) Benedict Adams (2002)

(Fr.) Baldwin Beyer (1999)

(Fr.) James Buser (1979)

(Fr.) Clarence Grosser (1989)***

(Fr.) Mel Hermanns (2021)

(Fr.) James LaReau (1987)

(Fr.) Gale Leife1d (1994)

(Br.) Matthew Migan (1958)***

(Fr.) Austin Schlaefer (1992)

(Fr.) Wendelin Shafer (2005)

(Fr.) Hilary Zach (1997)

(Fr.) Bertold Ascher (1967)

(Fr.) Roman Ament (1984)

(Br.) Francis Mary Sparacino

(Fr.) Elmer Stoffel (1992)

Former members (deceased)

(Fr.) Jude Hahn (2008)

(Fr.) Emmet Hoffman

Former members

(Br.) Thomas Gardipee

(Br.) Leonard Gibeault

(Fr.) Donald (John Baptist) Kurcz

(Fr.) Robert Spader

(Fr.) Kenneth Stewart

(Fr.) Dennis Druggan – The finding regarding D. Druggan was made upon a preliminary investigation by the Province (2013). He has maintained his innocence.

*** Transferred to Province of St. Mary (NY) in 1952.